The new way to sideload the latest iOS apps using Sideloadly


Have you ever heard of Cydia! If yes then it is an alternate way to install apps on your iOS device but no need to jailbreak your iphone and ipad. In this bolg post we will discuss how to sideload the latest iOS apps using sideloadly. Secondly cydia is for only mac users. Sideloadly works on Windows and macOS right now, maybe in future, they allow more Operating Systems.

What is sideloading?

Most of the users download apps using sanctioned app stores such as Google Play, Microsoft Store, or Apple’s App Store. Despite the fact that millions of applications are available on these stores, users find alternative ways to download apps If users download apps using unapproved channels the term is referred to as sideloading applications. The Process of Sideloading becomes easier in recent years. Previously users needed to jailbreak the device to download apps from other sources Apple makes sideloading much more difficult on its iOS devices. and the company has always strongly opposed allowing sideloading on iOS devices. 

What is sideloading?

Below are the steps to download Sideloadly, download links are available on official website.

Window Version Steps

Step 1: Download the windows version of software from the link.

Step 2: Connect iOS device with pc and drag and drop IPA file in sideloadly.

Step 3: Provide apple id and password for authentication.

Step 4: Two-Factor authentication is required.

Step 5: Wait for installation once complete. 

Step 6: Go to Settings –> Profiles and devices management –> Trust the developer.

Step 7: Now you have completed the IPA sideloading. Then open the install jailbreak app from your device and complete the jailbreak process.

Mac Version Steps

Step 1: Download the mac version of software from the link

Step 2: Once the DMG file is downloaded, double click and install it.

Step 3: Move the Sideloading software /Application directory in mac.

Step 4: Open the software application and drag and drop IPA to install.

Step 5: Trust the developer Goto Settings –> Profiles and devices management –> Trust the developer.

Sideloadly Features:

  • No need of jailbreak iOS device
  • Free apple developer account work with it
  • Easy Drag and Drop to install iOS Apps.
  • Able to Change App name and you can download the same app multiple times.
  • IPA files for latest Games and Apps are available on

Key takeaways of iOS sideloading App

Sideloading app is simple process, Apple’s App Store has a reputation that build over time, being a walled garden that requires apps to go through official app store, it’s easy for users to get these applications user who side load open up another window for bad actors to get spyware and other malicious software onto iPhone/iPad device, IPA files should be downloaded with trusted websites.In theory bad apps or malicious apps would have less effect on jailbroken once. No method to get these unauthorized apps onto devices is good for iOS devices from security perspectives. If a person decides to sideload iOS apps or jailbreak the device they must be very careful that it can harm the device.

Conclusion on sideload the latest iOS apps using Sideloadly

In this blog post we concluded that side-loading iOS apps is another way to install iPhone and iPad apps and there is certain amount of risk involve in it but if you download latest ipa file using trusted and well known websites then risk can be eliminated. Sideloadly is an alternative way without jailbreaking the iOS device.

Frequent Asked Question in Sideloadly

Q1) Does Sideloadly need a Jailbreak ?

No Jailbreak required! Sideloadly was built for Non-Jailbroken devices in mind

Q2) Does Sideloadly need of paid developer account 

Ability to sideload apps with a free or paid Apple Developer account

Q3) Does Sideloadly Supports latest iOS Versions 

Supports iOS 7 and all the way up to iOS 17.1+

Q4) What extra softwares Windows users need to install? 

 Windows users please make sure you have the web version of iTunes & iCloud installed. 

Note: Microsoft store iTunes and iCloud are different softwares you need to uninstall them.

Q5) Developer Mode is Required ?

iOS and later versions required developer mode to be ON 

Q6) Where do I find the latest IPA and APK Files?

Your favorite apps and games are uploaded on on a regular basis.

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